Ian Worrel’s Second Wind

One mustn’t get too put out by who one’s friends choose to play with.

So goes the story of Ian Worrel’s short animated film, Second Wind featuring an old man and his giant feline traveling companion. It’s a beautiful six minutes, rife with expressive animation and a haunting score. Just the thing to perk up a boring Wednesday afternoon.

5 Responses to “Ian Worrel’s Second Wind”

  1. JoAsakura Says:

    oh, this made me cry like a little child.

  2. pauscorpi Says:

    I randomly found this movie on another news article and I am really happy to see it featured here. It is indeed a wonderful short, very moody and I thought the story telling was brilliant <3 :)

  3. Charlotte Says:

    But what then? The cat has the follow the guy around the rest of his life?

  4. meme Says:

    Ah! I want the music score, so beautiful

  5. JuliAn Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s beautiful