Nerdgasmic Timberlake Medley by Domino and Peavis

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Leeds-based musician Brett Domino and his buddies have been up to YouTube shenanigans for a while now, but this Justin Timberlake medley performed by Domino and Steven Peavis takes the cake, especially in terms of video editing and complexity of arrangement. Instruments featured: Stylophone Beatbox, iPod Touch (using the DigiDrummer Lite app), kazoo, thumb piano, egg shaker, stylophone, cowbell, recorder, ukulele, theremin, spoons, and Roland AX-Synth. NERD UP.

4 Responses to “Nerdgasmic Timberlake Medley by Domino and Peavis”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:

    ‘Just ruined my pocket protector.

  2. Tequila Says:

    This AND Standing Cat in Boots, oh Internet EYE LUV YU!!!

    Talk about awesome, it’s a nerd orgasm for sure but the sheer skill to get all that to work together is hard to ignore. I want that kazoo part as a ringtone dammit.

    I shudder anytime I see a recorder though, reminds me of catholic school.

  3. Nadya Says:

    That was amazing! Oh my god! It totally cheered me up when I needed it. The delivery is priceless. The way he sings the lyrics! He just has this look on his face of, “oh my god. these lyrics are bullshit. WTF am I singing?”

    This turned my day around. :)

  4. foxtongue Says:

    I was lucky enough to catch Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band perform Sexy Back at HONKFESTWEST this past weekend. That plus this.. the song will have a home in my hips forever..