Rikki Simons Gurgles Slurs in The Bloaty Incident

Any Invader Zim fans here? If you fell into reluctant love with the tiny, spiteful Irken invader and his robotic companion Gir, you might have been keeping up with the recent blog posts of show creator Jhonen Vasquez. Over the past few weeks, Vasquez has been sharing daily bits of behind-the-scenes Invader Zim trivia, complete with grotesque digital illustrations, unforgivably long rants, and anecdotes that will probably get him killed very soon. Evidently, this stuff has been building up inside Jhonen and eating through his soul like some kind of psychic bile, until it exploded into a month-long pontification of, well, DOOM.

Above, Gir and Zim by Jhonen Vasquez, from Invader Zim Fact #25 – just one of the numerous drawings that accompany Invader Zim Facts. With his zip-up dog costume, built-in jets, and an unmistakable squeaky voice, adorable Gir gained a fan base as rabid and vast as Zim ‘s. However, Rikki Simonscomic book creatorcolorist on the show, and the man behind the squeaking, paid dearly for his involvement with Zim. Sometimes our work consumes us, and Rikki serves as an all-too-real reminder of what happens when we push ourselves too far. In a spectacular display of callous indifference to his once-colleague, Jhonen showcased a jarring, never-before-seen video interview with Simons in “Invader Zim Fact #31“. From the post:

A bit of info on the video:  It’s apparently a fragment from a documentary about voice actors by “Ani-Mazing” Magazine, one of the many publications I’ve never had the pleasure of taking with me to the bathroom.  The thing never got completed, and Rikki was actually the last person the filmmakers interviewed.  That’s just what the guy told me who gave me this thing.  If you ask me, AniMAZING Magazine should have stuck with magazines because the interview sucks as far as interviews go, and the sound and camera work is just awful.  The title of this last post comes from something the interview touches on, that Rikki, besides playing the lovable GIR, also played the lovable Bloaty the Pig.

Watch below, and be sure to stick around until the very end.

8 Responses to “Rikki Simons Gurgles Slurs in The Bloaty Incident”

  1. Dovryn Says:

    That was bad ass. It actually made me angry at all the distractions around me. I had an evil chill in my arms… excellent.

  2. Scurvy Jake Says:

    My head actually exploded at the end of this video. Only the dying nerve impulses allow me to type this final review.

  3. Peechiz Says:


  4. Trishelle Says:

    This is the best video on youtube right now, I think. I love Jhonen’s comic work, especially his most recent stuff, but I would gladly never see him make a comic again if I could see him direct a film.
    Of the entire month, Zim Fact #5 was my favorite, though. Even looking back on it now, more than a month later, I want some Fritos.

  5. Zoetica Says:

    Poor, poor Rikki.

    Trishelle, I agree with you and think Jhonen’s full-length directorial debit is well-overdue.

  6. april Says:

    I hate all of you so much. uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. april Says:

    I returned because this clever little thought was plaguing my mind and its infinite wisdom must be shared with the world!
    Here it is…
    poor Jhonen all he wants to do is enjoy his tasty freeze, let the little crab hide in his shell, or like a lung fish.. i think i dunno.

  8. BHV Says:

    Holy SHIT!!!

    What The Hell… My Mind Was Raped!!!


    My Mind Will die in 1 or 2 Minutes… I need to Write.. This….