Sweded: Blade Runner

The act of “sweding” a movie — creating an amateur version of a feature film — was coined by Michel Gondry in his film Be Kind Rewind and it is something that you may have seen popping up on the internet in the film’s wake. I can assure you that you have not seen anything approaching the surreal sensibilities of this version of Blade Runner filmed by “The Dokkoi Company”. Beginning simply with the words “2026. The Replicant ran away. The Bladerunner chases it.” what follows is a crazed, whirlwind tour of Ridley Scott’s film, replete with a strangely evocative score that sounds like it was created using kazoos, a toy car hanging from string, and the copious use of crude, paper masks. It’s a tour de force of interpretive reenactment, and they even went so far as to create a version for the more recent Final Cut. Worth it for the penultimate rooftop scene alone; not unlike the film it apes.

2 Responses to “Sweded: Blade Runner”

  1. AC Says:

    …i wonder how Miku Hatsune is related to Blade Runner.

    Apart from doing the soundtrack of this version, that is…. XD

  2. Emera Says:

    I love how the soundtrack takes it from hilariously crappy to mildly unsettling/borderline surreal. Hilarious either way, though. Bat puppet!