This Is Spinal Tape

I am certain there are those who would follow Mer’s amazing Cenobite accessory post with something a bit more weighty with content, a bit more elegant than this. Those people are, I am almost as certain, more talented than I. It seems that I am, in fact, just a sucker for a really excellent pun. And thus my private shame is now made public.

via The Daily What : Street Anatomy

4 Responses to “This Is Spinal Tape”

  1. stephanie Says:

    of course i have to love it.

  2. Natasha Says:

    WANT. This is awesome.

  3. Asylum Dolly Says:

    Shame shmame! There’s nothing wrong with having a sense of humour! This is awesome!

  4. Lo Zephyr Says:

    I need this! If not for the fact that it is indeed spinal tape, but over the top punny. Get it?! Get it?! Ehh… I’ll stop embarassing myself now and just go buy it.