Calling All InDesign Nerds! A Chance to Work on CH05

One of Courtney’s type treatments in Issue 05

EDIT: The position has been filled. Please welcome Emily Harris to the Coilhouse design team. Check our her blog, Design Gossip. Thank you to all who applied!

For the past two issues, we had an incredible design intern named Molly Hawthorn helping us in the last stages of magazine production. But Molly is graduating from MICA this weekend (congrats, Molly!), and unable to help out this time around.  So… any graphic design students reading this have a few hours to spare this weekend? We need help wrapping up Issue 05 on the 15th and the 16th. The entire issue has been laid out, and we just need to put the finishing touches on it. We need someone who knows Adobe InDesign on an intermediate-to-expert level to work side-by-side with our Creative Director, Courtney Riot, to iron out all remaining issues. The help we need has to do mostly with adjusting text for readability: kerning, tracking, alignment, and other such stuff. Not the most fun or creative task, but still a valuable learning experience for how a magazine comes together and goes to print.

Perks: you get to see Issue 05 before anybody else does! You’ll be credited as a Graphic Designer on Issue 05’s masthead, you will of course get a free copy of Issue 05, and we can pay $200 for the extra help this weekend. Interested parties, please email us with your available hours for this weekend. Any attachments or links to documents displaying your layout and InDesign skills would be most welcome.

Thank you so much!

3 Responses to “Calling All InDesign Nerds! A Chance to Work on CH05”

  1. Vivacious_G Says:

    Ooo, preeeeeeeeeetty.

  2. Alice Says:

    Curse this graduation season! Any other time, I would be all over this, but what with it being matriculation time and all…

    I love that Coilhouse keeps giving its readers chances to get involved like this, though! It keeps CH from being just another one-sided blog, and really brings it into the realm of online community. Lurrrve.

  3. Nadya Says:

    Alice, I didn’t know you were a graphic designer! You learn something new every day. :)