Fairy Tales By Sperber

Simple and effective, Benjamin K├Ânig aka Sperber’s illustrations are beautiful little vignettes and eerie portraits, many of them taken from fairy tales, all of them with a dark, creepy Edward Gorey veneer. I just love these, and it took all my strength not to simply put every single one behind the cut. He has a postcard set for sale that is seriously tempting me at the moment.

via Super Punch

3 Responses to “Fairy Tales By Sperber”

  1. R. Says:

    These are nice.

  2. Katew Says:

    These illustrations are stupendous. I’ve just discovered them and Coilhouse. I’ve done a post about both and added your publication to links my blog about fairy tales.
    I’ll be back.
    Thanks for doing such intriguing, weird, compelling work.

  3. amber Says:

    These are lovely, but sadly they do not ship to the US.