MERCH! Dresses, Hoodies, Porcelain Plates

We’re proud to present the latest round of Coilhouse Merch, available to purchase immediately in our online shop.

  • Unisex hoodies. These feature our battle-cry of “INFORM INSPIRE INFECT”, emblazoned in black on a black, incredibly soft, long-sleeved hooded top. $34.99.
  • Tank dresses. Super-soft, relaxed-fit summer dresses featuring our postergirl, the Stratosphere Messenger. An over-sized screen print on heather gray. $34.99.
  • Miniature Porcelain Plates Set. A set of three creme-tone 3″ porcelain coupe plates featuring the Issue 04 section dividers, drawn by Zoetica. The plates come encased in a semi-gloss black box stamped with an elegant tarnished-silver I/I/I inscription designed by Courtney Riot. Hang them on your wall, use them as candy dishes, or to store your keepsakes – the choice is yours, comrade! $44.99.
  • Issue 01. We are selling 25 copies of the coveted, limited-edition Neogender version of Issue 01, for a discounted price (they were originally $15). If you haven’t been reading Coilhouse long enough to remember why we did two different versions of Issue 01, there’s a NSFW explanation here. These copies are returns – meaning they got shipped to the wrong address (this happened a lot less after we put up a little warning in PayPal). They might have small defects from being in transit, so they’re not in mint condition – hence the lower price. $12.99. This issue is now completely SOLD OUT. Thank you!
  • Last but not least, there are only 65 copies of Issue 03 left. Issue 03 took longer to sell out than our other issues because we had a larger quantity of it in stock, but it’s almost gone. Which is awesome, because we need to make room for Issue 05.

Many, many more detailed product images, after the cut.

Dress clipped to show the full screen print in the front

Model: Hottie photographer Lou O’Bedlam!

If you look really closely, the curved lines printed on the plates appear somewhat grainy due to the unique process used to manufacture plates of this type. The process is very interesting: it involves making a film which is then burned on a silk screen. Instead of inks (like a conventional paper printing), the printing process required porcelain enamel frits (ground minerals) which are forced through the screen in the design of the art. The screen must be fine enough to capture all of the detail and yet large enough to let enough of the frits through to provide the color. Thin curved lines are especially difficult to work with because tiny dots of color may fall on crossed threads.

19 Responses to “MERCH! Dresses, Hoodies, Porcelain Plates”

  1. Arcko Says:

    I had to take a running dive through a plate glass window to make sure I nabbed a copy of Issue #1. This makes my collection complete save for issue #2, which, I assure you, will involve more Chuck Norris-esque antics if I have the opportunity to secure a copy.

  2. Tequila Says:

    With the above hoodie I am now ready for the summer blaze to come. TAKE THAT SUN! HA! I HAVE BESTED YOU!

  3. Ben Morris Says:

    Got a hoodie and the plates.

    I like the black on black text on the hoodie.

    Decorative plates are an art item I’ve never really bought (or at all planned on buying) before, never seen any that I liked I guess. These however look fantastic. Zoetica’s art is always great and I really like the cream and black color scheme.

  4. Widgett Walls Says:

    I came because Uncle Warren said he would cut me if I didn’t. Granted, I know he will anyway, but still. I guess it’s the principle of the thing. Whose principle, I have no idea.

  5. Warren Ellis Says:


  6. Mer Says:

    From the upcoming guerrilla Coilhouse informercial Ginny’s agreed to stealthily shoot with me in Kenneth Anger’s driveway:



  7. Ben Morris Says:

    I am now trying my absolute hardest not to wonder or imagine how Coilhouse obtained a total of 1000 Cyber-Rasputin pubes.

  8. Svet Says:

    Oh my!!

  9. foxtongue Says:

    Act now! The next THIRTY CUSTOMERS will receive a SILVER TOPPED VIAL filled to the BRIM with his sticky, sweet NICOTINE SPIT! Clone your own Cyber Raspuntin! Drink it, his GLISTENING mouth juice!
    Love it! The future is yours!

  10. Tequila Says:

    Cut by Warren Ellis AND Rasputin pubes? Wow, that’s a deal of deals right there! Also no doubt it’s someones secret S&M fantasy come to life.

  11. Msfracture Says:

    lov lov lov th fact yu ladies came thru with something ov decor!
    i paced for 3 hours today waiting for th cart to open.

    please consider it in your ink soaked hearts to release 25 more ov issue 4.. } issue 3 had led me to believe i didnt have to act as quick to order..sadly;my collection will forever lack th fullness thereov {sad face}

  12. R. Says:

    That hoodie and those plates are going on my “Need To Have” list.

  13. :: Things I Love :: Things I Love: Murray Reznor, &c Says:

    […] The new Coilhouse tank dress: and all their other new merch is awesome too. I can’t wait for Issue 05 to come […]

  14. Celephais Says:


  15. Laura Gardner Says:

    Got the plates and the dress… might have to get a hoodie too at the end of the month, how limited is it?

  16. Ben Morris Says:

    My hoodie and plates arrived about an hour ago. They are all very nice. The hoodie is very soft and comfortable.

  17. desiringmachine Says:

    Got my hoodie just the other day, haven’t had a chance to wear it yet as it’s so warm out now, perhaps this evening? It looks fantastic, flawlessly printed, and is amazingly soft. Love it!

  18. .typhoid Says:

    Got my goods the other day, while the hoodie is perfect (black on black printing is so undeservedly underrated) the dress is Xbox hueg – the size small is like a tent on me. To top it off, the print is not spirit level straight so it’ll be a bit more of a bitch to resize neatly. It’s not too big of a complaint for someone like me who lives glued to her sewing machine, but skinny girls, do beware of the American sizing bias here. I do believe I can see Zo herself pinching back the dress in some photos so I’m not the only one with a few sizing niggles. Maybe do some X-smalls next time? Overall, though, I don’t regret buying it for a second – I love Zo’s artwork and the graphic in its entirety is damn snazzy. Repping CH for the UK, biznitches.

  19. Nadya Says:

    @.typhoid – Thank you for your comment & support. Please email [email protected] about the issue with the print. We can send you another where the print is straight. We’ll also drop you a line at the email addy you used to comment. Thank you!