Rachel Brice: Serpentine

Okay, so, obviously, this isn’t the first time the name Rachel Brice has shown up on Coilhouse. Nor will it be the last. (Which no one should mind too terribly, unless they’re allergic to amazingness.) Later this month, Bricey’s coming out with a new instructional DVD set, called Serpentine. This is awesome news for many reasons, least of which being that it offers an excuse to post this stunning photo of her, taken by Trinette Reed:

by Trinette Reed

Ever thought about trying to learn Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance, or just improving upon your existing skill sets? Maybe you’d like to merge core-strengthening yoga into your practice? How about being able to safely bend over backwards at close to a 90 degree angle… or maybe just feeling really solid and present and lovely in your own bones? If yes, then this is a woman to watch and learn from.

Heck, even if you DON’T want to try this at home, this is a woman to watch and to learn from, because decades of devotion to both her yoga and her dance practice has gifted Rachel with a level of grace and serenity that is deeply gratifying to observe. Whether she’s regally dolled up and performing, or breaking down isolation drills in workshop scrubs, R.B. is incandescent:

Serpentine is currently available for pre-order from World Dance New York for $24.98.

12 Responses to “Rachel Brice: Serpentine”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I LOVE Tribal Fusion, I seriously miss going to classes, I loved it immensely. I’ve seen Brice in action and for anyone who wants to learn without leaving the house or even just to sharpen your abilities, her dvd sounds like a fantastic option!

  2. Erin Says:

    For anyone looking to start learning bellydance, you should definitely check out her dvd Tribal Fusion: yoga, isolation, and drills. It is a great guide to learning how the movements should eventually look like on an experienced dancer. I have gone back to it time and time again in my dance training.

    I’m so excited she’s finally put out another dvd and with the world’s greatest bellydance dvd production company World Dance New York. Already have it on pre-order! Thanks Coilhouse for plugging this dvd!

  3. Nadya Says:


    (and I never, ever want to do photography anymore these days… or very rarely)

    Also, I got the DVD!

  4. Valentina Says:

    That clip of her performance at the end there- she looks like an Alphonse Mucha girl brought to life.

  5. slacketypants Says:

    Okay, Nadya. I’m in. When’s the shoot? RB

  6. Mer Says:

    Slacketypaaaaaaantz. We gotta put you in the mag. MUST.

  7. Vivacious_G Says:


  8. Heather Says:

    <3 Rachel Brice. She'd be sooooo perfect for a Coilhouse cover. what about an article on Tribal Fusion? Or the Indigo? Or TribalFest? Or even Burning Man stylees?

  9. Mer Says:

    Heather, there’s an interview with Rachel in the works. Slated for #06.
    And keep an eye out for a HUGE piece in #05 that directly relates to the “Burning Man” style you mentioned.

  10. January Says:

    Oh, I’m gonna buy the crap out of this DVD.

  11. Io Says:

    I never cease to be awed by how this woman moves. Good God. It’s the perfect marriage of art + sex.

  12. Paloma Says:

    She is so talented and able to express this beautiful form of life through the art of dance. I thiink just about anyone can appreciate that. Respect.