The Anthropomorphic Glamour of Antoine Helbert

Remember that racy 2008 Orangina commercial from France? Yes –  that one. As described by the Todd Mueller, the Creative Director of the Psyop, the agency that produced the spot, the “Naturally Juicy” campaign was all about “raunchy naughty furriness”: animals dancing in burlesque outfits, spraying other with Orangina and riding giant bottles until they explode. The TV ad was accompanied by a colorful pin-up print campaign that included octopus, jellyfish and cactus women, illustrated by artist Antoine Helbert. In his personal work, featured here, Helbert continues the human-animal theme in a more nuanced, less gendered way. Some of these characters remind me of China Miéville’s Remade; people whose bodies are transformed through a mixture of grafting techniques and magic into hybrids of human, animal and even mechanical parts. [via Allie]

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7 Responses to “The Anthropomorphic Glamour of Antoine Helbert”

  1. lizzelizzel Says:


    Just like the commercial, these are amazing AND make me feel kinda sick.

  2. jwz Says:

    “There’s Nothing Okay About Chicken Cosplay” —

  3. Ashbet Says:

    I spent quite some time last night looking through his site . . . AMAZING works!! I love how he can create slick digital pieces AND recreate gorgeous Old Master textures and styles . . . really an incredibly versatile and talented artist.

    Thanks for the link!!

  4. Shay Says:


  5. Allie Says:

    Orangina: wow. wow.

  6. Shay Says:

    @jwz – Sweet miserable jesus O_o

  7. aliona chaos Says:

    imagination truly has no limits.