How CNN Really Feels About You

Just an extremely motivational clip to brighten your Sunday afternoon. In the video above, crafted by video artist Omer Fast, dozens of CNN newscasters come together to give you the true measure of your worth in this life. Spliced in such a way that each word comes from a different newscaster’s mouth, the narrative’s sinister “you know me, and I sure know you” feel only intensifies as the clip goes on.

The version embedded above is two minutes long; on YouTube, you can find a higher-quality embed-disabled 10-minute version (highly recommended.) The original that Fast debuted in 2002 was 18 minutes long. [Via Wobbly, thanks!]

3 Responses to “How CNN Really Feels About You”

  1. Damien Says:

    Holy Effing Ess, Nadya.

    That kind of Hurt.

  2. Heather Says:

    creepy. reminds me of the TV gods in American Gods… “You wanna see Lucy’s tits?”

  3. nicoles Says:

    Positively, wonderfully terrifying.

    Video art is so difficult, but Omer Fast seems to have quite the handle on it. I’m so impressed.