Issue 05 is Coming! Join the Coilhouse Mailing List.

As we type this, Issue 05 of Coilhouse Magazine is being printed. We can’t wait to be reveal the contents of this issue to you. So many months of hard work went into this issue, and when you see the results, we think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. It’s our biggest release to date, and there’ll be a lot of news to share. Just a few more weeks, comrades.

Join the Coilhouse Mailing List

When Issue 04 went on sale, we had no idea that it would sell out within 21 days. We got many comments from people saying, “damn, I didn’t even know that this issue is out, and now it’s gone!” We announced the issue on our blog and on Twitter, but we realize that not everybody checks in regularly, which is why, unfortunately, some of you missed out. In an effort to get word about Issue 05 out well in advance, we’d like to invite you to join our mailing list. Those who join will be notified in advance of Issue 05’s on-sale date in our shop. We may occasionally email you with other announcements, such as new merch releases, Coilhouse events, and other news. It goes without saying that we will never share your email or send you spam.

As with past issues, there will be no reprints. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Believe us, this is one issue you don’t want to miss out on. So sign up now.

8 Responses to “Issue 05 is Coming! Join the Coilhouse Mailing List.”

  1. Elana Says:

    Will there be any announcements on the mailing list that will differ from what is on Twitter and the blog, or for those of us who do follow you on Twitter, will it be wholly redundant?

  2. Nadya Says:

    Elana, I think these will be redundant for those who follow us on a daily basis on Twitter. I’d say that this list is more for those who go two weeks or more without checking the blog. We usually do a post before the mag is released, on the day of the release, and when the copies are about to sell out. Still, some folks unfortunately missed all three of those posts, and this list is for those who are worried they’ll miss them this time around. But if you follow the blog pretty regularly, I’d say you don’t need to sign up for this.

  3. Laura Gardner Says:

    I follow you on twitter but never realized that the hoodies would sell out so quickly, I hope you get more in soon. Can’t wait for issue 5.

  4. Michael V. Says:

    Will we see any opportunity for, say a one-year subscription, or similar option?

  5. Nadya Says:

    @Michael: I think we’re going to wait and do a couple more issues before we offer subscriptions. It’s definitely one of the most common requests we hear from our readers, and we hope to get there eventually. But we’re not there yet.

    @Laura: Yeah, those sold like hotcakes! We didn’t think they’d go so fast, either. The gal who printed the hoodies is out on maternity leave, but as soon as she’s back, we’ll make more.

  6. .typhoid Says:

    @Nadya Not that redundant, being as some of us require a thorough bludgeoning about the head with repeated reminders before we remember anything. I follow you on Twitter, my RSS feeds and now the email subscription, but I have a strong feeling I will somehow forget to buy my copy anyway.

  7. aristhasia Says:

    Good! Much to my chagrin, I missed the hoodies entirely, and I simply must have Issue 5.

  8. Ashbet Says:

    Bwahahahah — best Captcha ever . . . “gotham drama”! How perfect!

    Thanks for setting this up — I’m still kicking myself for missing out on #4! I’m usually on top of the blog, but I think that was a month when I was doing heavy travel . . .

    Can’t wait to see Issue 5!