Ladyhood: The Video Game

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Girls suck at video games / Les filles sont nulles aux jeux vidéo
from Stéphanie Mercier on Vimeo.

“I thought only my classmates, mom and dad would watch this,” wrote French animation student Stéphanie Mercier in the Vimeo comments for the clip above after witnessing an influx of visitors from MetaFilter, Daily What, SocImages and beyond. Titled “Girls Suck at Video Games,” the animation presents the challenge of climbing the corporate ladder, maintaining a stylish image, having babies and doing housework though the use of beloved 8-bit/16-bit metaphors: Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Compare and contrast with Dan the Man.

2 Responses to “Ladyhood: The Video Game”

  1. nixie Says:

    I cringed a little when some of the babies went splat. But something’s gotta give, right?

  2. Nadya Says:

    @nixie Ha, that was the part that made me LOL. :)