Mystery Presents: Banquet Frozen Dinners

Banquet would like to present to you it’s newest frozen dinner concoction: giblet gravy, sliced turkey…and murder! No, not murder, but there most certainly could be. It is obvious though that housewife Cynthia has had her mind shattered by the prospect of such an easy to prepare and savory meal; that or she has stopped taking her lithium again. Still, I maintain that the combination of formal wear, opulent setting, and thunderstorm most definitely points towards the possibility of murder, most fowl or otherwise.

(Yeah, I hate myself for that too.)

6 Responses to “Mystery Presents: Banquet Frozen Dinners”

  1. Mer Says:

    That was kind of amazing.

  2. JoAsakura Says:

    “Coloured by Paprika”


  3. Pelianth Says:

    Damn. That may be the most awesome thing I’ve seen yet this week.

  4. R. Says:

    I’m going to echo Mer. That was kind of amazing.

  5. CTP Says:

    That there is the work of Stan Freberg – ex-ad-man, turned funny record maker (and cartoon voice guy), turned ad-man. A true comic genius – look him up, now.

  6. zach Says:

    Ha, love the commercial, and the acting of the housewife! I’ve grown up on the banquet potpies, can put down one of those in no time! Thanks for posting.