“The Puppet Makers” Print Giveaway!

“Versailles, 1685. France has industrialized centuries before her neighbors but focuses on creating exquisitely ornate robotic shells for the aristocracy called, DOLLIES. Towering, lavishly expensive, [they] run on electricity provided by damming the Seine. Only the court elite wears DOLLIES, but their upkeep is beginning to bankrupt France. During the king’s birthday party, his Dolly explodes but is found to be empty…”

Artist Molly Crabapple (look for her illustrations in #05!) and author John Leavitt have been creating lots of buzz in recent weeks with The Puppet Makers, their gorgeous “rococo steampunk murder mystery” set in Versailles, 1685.  DC Comics’ online imprint, Zuda, has been publishing it in page-by-page increments each Wednesday. A stunning new page went up this morning.

Molly –generous and supportive friend to Coilhouse that she is– would like to give away a signed, limited edition print of one of The Puppet Makers’ pages to the Coilhouse reader with the “best guess as to where the king is”. Read up, then leave your deduction in comments for a chance to win!

10 Responses to ““The Puppet Makers” Print Giveaway!”

  1. Joan Says:

    I’d guess that he isn’t anywhere – he died long ago, and his Dolly has been used by certain people to rule France. Alternatively, he could have been imprisoned long ago, to identical effect.

  2. Joe Parrish Says:

    He has went to Rome to the Vatican to get the churches blessing for being in power.

  3. Tequila Says:

    I’ve been a treat to see this series each week. A bit surprised since I’m no great fan of Steampunk to be honest. Molly’s detailed art does indeed help and the narrative is engaging on its own level. I’ll toss in my guess once I re-read it all later tonight (gives me a chance to play Jr. Detective!…all I need a Holmes style hat…and a pipe. Maybe I’ll play a bit of bad violin too.)

  4. Ryan M. Says:

    Can’t wait to see where the series goes.

  5. Cel Says:

    This is lovely & promising!

    My guess… inside the Comtesse.

  6. Decaphile Says:

    Perhaps the King has become encoded within the cogs of the great machines .. to gain an incorruptible crown (by the grace of Ada?) .. or then again perhaps not … in any case thankyou also for bringing this enjoyable story to my attention.

  7. Anardev Says:

    He got tired of ruling France and went off to become an airship pirate.
    *puts on Abney Park*

  8. reel aesthete Says:

    i agree, this is lovely…

    i think he should be in Louisiana…something to do with Le Code Noir, religion, and the slave trade…

  9. Gen Chaos Says:

    clairvaux abbey?

  10. chris kelley Says:

    living in a castle made of sand