Appearance at SDCC Today (Saturday), 11am!

Just a quick last-minute reminder for our fellow Comic-KHAAANNNgoers: Nadya, Zoetica and Meredith will be selling and signing copies of Coilhouse 05 from 11am to noon today (Saturday, July 24th) at the Weta booth (#2165 2615). We’ll also bring along copies of 1-4 for folks to peruse, but not to buy, sorry! (Sincerely, we don’t mean to be teases– we figure folks will appreciate at least having a look at these rare, out-of-print editions.) However, everybody should stay tuned to this same bat-channel for news of an upcoming charity auction wherein a full set of Coilhouse Magazines (issues 1-5) will be sold off to the highest Ebay bidder. More on that later this week.

Meanwhile, check out Zo and Mer geeking out with LA WEEKLY columnist Liz Ohanesian about SDCC! Nadya was supposed to participate as well, but was found lying in a crumpled heap next to her laptop shortly before the deadline, unconscious, with an erratic pulse and her responses unfinished. We figure she was either asphyxiated by one of those uber-deadly roving Funyuns nerdfart doom clouds, or sustained internal injuries after being jabbed by a facehugger-on-a-stick. She’s still pretty out of it, but don’t worry– we’re sure she’ll be fine by tomorrow morning. Hope to see some of you there!

4 Responses to “Appearance at SDCC Today (Saturday), 11am!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Great interview!!! :D

  2. eman Says:

    i still remember standing in line to meet warren ellis behind zo and co. and watching in absolute awe.
    i still get teased about that, my cohorts insist i was swooning.

    ever since wherever i think of con i think of coilhouse as well.

  3. Mer Says:

    Heee… I just noticed that if you press play on that “Chaka Khan” mashup and then scroll down and watch dancing Spidey, he’s totally in rhythm!

  4. Mer Says:

    ps: Big love to all who came by to say hi last weekend. Made our day.