BTC: “Gold Dust” n’ Double Dutch

Back in the summer of 2006, DJ Fresh (drum n’ bass/dupsteppin’ badass from Britain) dropped a heavy, gritty, GAWjuss record called Escape From Planet Monday. This coming August, Fresh is back with his second full-length solo album, Kryptonite. Here’s the video for the first single, a revamped version of his ’08 release “Gold Dust”, featuring new vocals by the Jamaican dance hall diva Ce’Cile and astounding performances by American Double Dutch Champions, Jumpers In Command:

If dis don’t rev ya blood up, check dem vitals. (Directed by Ben Newman.)

Want to explore the rich history of Double Dutch? Start off with “Ready Your Ropes“, an in-depth three-part article over at Holy Roller Productions dot com. Fantastic primer.

5 Responses to “BTC: “Gold Dust” n’ Double Dutch”

  1. station Says:

    Great video, I had no idea double dutch could be so crazy. Personally I love Fresh’s darker tunes like Heavyweight, but Gold Dust is still a really fun tune. He tends to get a lot of crap from the Drum and Bass community for making dark oldschool tracks and then more dancefloor centered stuff like Kryptonite, but he has always made whatever he feels like. I’ll just leave this here(not by me):

  2. Spaceytracy Says:

    now i wanna learn double dutch.

  3. Mer Says:

    Oops. This was supposed to post Monday but the automated system confused me. Ah well!

  4. Shannon Says:

    Love it!

  5. V. Blame Says:

    Urban zoetrope!