Issue 05: The Motion Picture. Also: Shipping, PARTAAY.

We proudly present a short video created by and co-starring Coilhouse creative director/graphic designer Courtney Riot and a minty-fresh copy of Coilhouse #05. Courtney writes, “The other day I purchased a new camera. This video is the first result. I have no experience in motion/film, but after seeing a featured clip from Tell No One, I decided to give it a go.” Rock on, Riot.

On to our next item of interest– since Issue 05 went on sale last week, we’ve sold 866 copies and counting. As of this moment, a mere 134 copies remain in the online shop. First of all: HOLY SHIT. Guys. Thank you. We are humbled and grateful. We hope that you enjoy this issue, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. Secondly: HOLY SHIT. We did not anticipate this. We knew it would go fast, but not this fast. To put it in perspective, we had the same quantity of Issue 03’s in the online store as we do Issue 05’s, and that one took an entire year to sell out, while this one is almost 90% sold out in a little over a week.

Our circulation director, Gretta Sherwood, is working around the clock to ship the copies to everyone. But even with three assistants and two printers for shipping labels, it’s going to take her a while to get through these orders. We’d like to ask for your understanding if your copy takes a little longer than usual to arrive. Here’s how to estimate when your magazine’s getting shipped: as noted on the day Issue 05 went on sale, due to the special additions (signatures, limited-edition postcards) included with each issue, we’d only be able to begin shipping on Wednesday the 7th (yesterday). The bulk of the orders came through in the first few days, so orders from the 30th are still going out, with the last ones being shipped out tomorrow. On the 12th, we’ll ship out the majority of the orders from the 1st, on the 13th we’ll ship out the orders from the 2nd, and from that point on, we’ll probably be able to ship the orders from several days all at once. If it is a True Emergency and you need your issue sooner rather than later, please email Gretta, and we’ll see what we can do.

Finally, it’s PARTY TIME! Southern California readers, please save this date: Saturday, July 17th. That’s when we (as in, all three of us in the same place and at the same time, which happens about once in a blue moon) will be hosting an evening at Meltdown Comics with Issue 05 contributors in attendance. It’s our first official event since the launch party back in 2008! A limited supply of magazines will be available. We’re thrilled to have artist Chet Zar signing, and Chronic Anxiety –his original painting featured as the fold-out poster in #05– will be on display. We’ll also be announcing some surprise guests in the week to come. Stay tuned.

PS: Anyone planning to be at the San Diego Comic Con? Roll call. (We should have our signing schedule sussed out by next week.)

12 Responses to “Issue 05: The Motion Picture. Also: Shipping, PARTAAY.”

  1. _S3 Says:

    I will absolutely be at Comic-con! I’m so excited for Coilhouse to be there, as I missed you guys when I was there last year. :(

    And congrats on the fast selling!

    I wish I could be at the party, but unfortunately, while San Diego is right in my neighborhood, LA is a bit far.

  2. La Chingona Says:

    I’ll be at Comic-Con as well! You’re going to have to beat them off with bats, ladies.

    I’ve also reserved July 17th for the Meltdown event. Coilhouse representing in July!

  3. Beth Says:

    This issue is finally selling at the rate you guys deserve! Needless to say I wasn’t waiting a day before ordering. This baby’s gonna be mine!

    Funny, Saturday 17th July is when my fiance’s band Talanas are having their debut EP listening party here in England! We’ll be sure to photograph the occassion and we can do swapsies! Death Metal Rooster may or may not make an apperance.

  4. Zoe C Says:

    Congrats on the speedy sales, guys! You deserve it. I can’t wait for my copy of issue 05 to arrive, and am definitely setting the 17th aside for a trip to Meltdown.

  5. cappy Says:

    Ha! Okay, ignore my stupid email I sent asking about a tracking number, then. :p Understood.

  6. Dave L. Says:

    Won’t be at Comic-con (unless something comes up at work), but will totally be at the party at Meltdown. Hopefully I will overcome my crippling shyness and be able to talk to people instead of silently standing in a corner and sweating, as at the launch party…

  7. Tequila Says:

    I like the little film, for a first at bat it’s eye catching. I have a feeling we’ll see more soon, least I hope so. *fingers crossed for some sort of Coilhouse Zombie War Epic down the line*

    It’s no surprise that #5 is going so fast. The preview alone showed all involved really went above and beyond. See you all on the 17th!

  8. Beth Says:

    OH! P.P.S. Have shown many people Riot’s video. I was well impressed when I saw it on Haute Macabre, but had no idea it was a first try! She has vision!

  9. Angela Hunt Says:

    Will definitely be at Comic Con. Will also possibly be opening my show that night as well. How late is the launch party going to be or when does it start on the 17th? I will appear to be a social butterfly the 17th…

  10. stephanie Says:

    Will definitely be at the Con. You ladies better stop by my booth! #4633 (shameless plug :D). Will try and make it to the party! It’s my wonderful brother, Daniel’s Bday weekend so……the weekend should be eventful.

    congrats ladies on the amazing sales!!

  11. R. Says:

    Won’t be at the Con in the flesh, but I’ll be there in spirit.

    The Books-A-Million I slave away at now sells Coilhouse and I was fucking ecstatic. Finally something cool in Williamsburg, VA.

    Issue 5 was an awesome issue. Just full of awesome. No surprise that it’s going so damn fast. Huzzah for people appreciating the finer things in life like a well made creative magazine. :D

  12. rickie Says:

    i would like to volunteer as coilhouse comicon groupie, if that’s ok. i can hide in the trunk.