Orthodontic Medical Elephant Man-Inspired Fashion

All images by Marcin Szpak

If Joseph Merrick had solved the Lament Configuration.

“Dear Coilhouse,

My name is Katarzyna Konieczka, I am an avant-garde fashion designer from Poland. I have been browsing through your website and while reading the blog I came across photos of Joseph Merrick’s head sculpture. I would like to take the opportunity of inviting  you to consider some of my work which took his inspiration from his life and condition. In particular, one of my models from the ‘Very Twisted Kingdom’ collection. The costume depicted in the attached illustration consists of a metal ruff and other elements resembling orthodontic medical equipment in reference to his illness which had not been diagnosed at the time.”

SOLD. Ten minutes later, I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor after perusing Konieczka’s site. Many more images, after the jump. In addition to the images on Konieczka’s page, many more images can be found in Marcin Szpak’s portfolio.

15 Responses to “Orthodontic Medical Elephant Man-Inspired Fashion”

  1. Delight Worthyn Says:

    Words Fail.

  2. Ben Morris Says:

    Wow. Extraordinary, I especially love the fifth image. Also the use of hemostats/forceps as fashion accessories is in the first couple images is very nice.

  3. Angeliska Says:

    My breath is hitched in my throat and has stuck there.
    These pieces are so gorgeous, and the photography is stunning as well.
    I want to wear it all. Fabulous work, Katarzyna!

  4. Paul Komoda Says:

    Katarzyna’s work is Extraordinary!

  5. Mer Says:

    Oh. Muh. Gah.

  6. Clint Catalyst Says:

    Images 1, 5 and 7?

    Serious CORRECTNESS UNINTERUPPTUS served, &.than.q


    Major props for the gent’s gear shown in the next-to-last. I don’t “brown,” “brass,” “gold” or “beige,” as they tend to render me an unfortunate hue of Death’s Rectum.

    Nonetheless, doesn’t mean I’m unable to see past my prejudice of particular metals or hues to give nod & rightly-earned acknowledgment that


    here, therein… ♡

  7. Io Says:

    Oh Jesus! It’s almost as though I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  8. .typhoid Says:

    Woah. There was a significant intake of breath right there, especially the fifth shot. And you didn’t know about this wonderful woman already, Coilhouse? For shame. Go sit in the corner. Then come back out for being so good and bringing her to us. It’s just breathtaking: Konieczka is truly one to watch.

  9. selizabeth Says:

    Oh my lord. The blingy crustacean headdress! THE piece to have this for summer 2010! And that kaleidoscopic monocle, oh. Too perfect.

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  11. tjewell Says:

    Any idea what the music is? I tried searching by lyrics to no avail.

  12. Lydia Says:

    I am EXTREMELY Inspired.

  13. Arifuddin Sheik Says:

    Images are extraordinary. They reflect quality and perfection in work.

  14. Jay Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing on her website?

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