SDCC Signing: Saturday, 11-12. Also: Where to Find 05.

A copy of Issue 05 spotted in the wild by Random_Tangent

An important announcement for San Diego Comic-Con attendees: we will be selling and signing copies of Issue 05 on Saturday, 11 – 12, at the Weta Workshop booth. Issues 01 – 04 will also be on display. See you there!

An important announcement for the readership at large: though Issue 05 sold out in our online shop last week, it is still available in stores nationwide. For the complete list of Borders and Barnes locations where Issue 05 is available, click here.

But if you can support local indie bookstores, that would be best. Here is a list of the ones that we’re aware of. Let us know if you know of other locations in the comments:

Melbourne, Australia

Mission Comics
San Francisco, CA

Borderlands Books
San Francisco, CA

Quimby’s Bookstore
Chicago, IL

Chicago Comics
Chicago, IL

Trident Booksellers & Cafe
Boston, MA

Pegasus Books Downtown
Oakland, CA

Capitola Books Cafe
Capitola, CA

Pages for All Ages Bookstore
Savoy, IL

Baker Books
Dartmouth, MA

Atomic Books
Baltimore, MD

Regulator Bookshop
Durham, NC

The Gem Spa
New York, NY

Magazine Cafe
New York, NY

St. Mark’s Bookshop
New York, NY

Monkey’s Retreat
Columbus, OH

16 Responses to “SDCC Signing: Saturday, 11-12. Also: Where to Find 05.”

  1. Mer Says:


  2. teamtim Says:

    FYI: Monkey’s Retreat in Columbus, OH is no longer in-business. Sad to see it go.

  3. Kate Says:

    I’m still pretty bummed that Coilhouse isn’t available anywhere close to me in Atlanta. I live in Little 5, the “alternative” part of this city, and there is a comic book shop/record store called Criminal Records that would be perfect for Coilhouse.

  4. ogo eion Says:

    Saw the mag today at:

    Reading Frenzy
    Portland, OR


  5. phill Says:

    Does the line “Issues 01 – 04 will also be on display.” Also mean they will be for sale? If so: NERDGASM, as I can’t find a copy of issue 01 or 02 anywhere usual online (any hints / tips would be greatly appreciated!)

  6. Sasha Says:

    You need some in Philly!

  7. stephanya Says:

    I have tried to contact you ladies many times to no avail… so here I go again. I work at BookPeople in Austin, the largest independent bookstore in Texas. And I would love to carry Coilhouse there! Contact me and let’s make it happen!

  8. Mer Says:

    @Stephanya Sorry we’re hard to track down… You must be familiar with Last Gasp, yes? We do a lot of indie distribution through them… give ’em a ping!

    @Phill Unfortunately, we’ve only got 1-4 on hand for folks to leaf through– no copies to sell. Completely out of print. I hope you still swing by to say hello! However, I AM going to be putting the full run (out of my own VERY small personal stash) on auction on Ebay next week to raise money for a good cause. Stay tuned or join our mailing list to stay apprised of that.

  9. Nadya Says:

    @teamtim Whoops, my bad. Monkey’s Retreat shouldn’t have been on th elist.

    @Stephanya Thank you for your desire to see Coilhouse carried in the shop! Last Gasp would be a good distributor, or Ubiquity, or Ingram.

    @Sasha It is carried in one bookstore in Philly called AVRIL 50. Have you ever heard of it? I never saw it when I lived there. What do you think would be the best place for it in Philly? I’m thinking Delicious, or Digital Ferret maybe…

  10. thekamisama Says:

    I was surprised to see it screaming at me from the racks of a Hastings in Clarksville, TN. So I bought it to help you all take a foothold in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

  11. Hyena Says:

    Signs That Your Magazine is Doing Well #324: I can find it in my city (Sioux City, IA). I was shocked when I saw it sitting there. Shocked! So of course I bought it.

  12. Stephanie Says:

    super stoked to see you all again tomorrow!

  13. maeri Says:

    have you tried Spoonbill & Sugartown in Williamsburg?

  14. Erin Says:

    Bought my first copy of Coilhouse today! Thank you guys for putting out such a great magazine and blog. Gave me an excuse to go to Barnes and Noble (even hit up the Criterion sale you guys mentioned in a previous post).

    Keep it up! Got my pom poms out for you

  15. Rabbit Says:

    Bought my copy the other day and SO EXCITED that its finally somewhere near me in Indiana. I thought I was going to die.
    Also, it wasn’t in the customer’s favorite area, so I moved it to where it belonged. :]

  16. Laura Kuenzli Says:

    Columbus, OH

    will have Coilhouse issue 5 in stock soon! :)