Stephane Halleux’s First Film, Monsieur Hublot

French sculptor and Coilhouse Issue 02 featured artist Stéphane Halleux is trying his hand at a new medium – animation. In response to countless questions, pleas, and threats he’s created a digital character after one of his leather and scrap metal sculptures, Monsieur Hublot. There is no word yet on the release date of the eponymous, seven-minute short, but we do know that Mr. Hublot [named thusly as a nod to Jacques Tati’s tragically inept Monsieur Hulot] is a bachelor accountant suffering from a host of obsessive-compulsive ailments. He lives in a small, gadget-packed  apartment with his robotic dog, loves his leather trench coat  and despises noise.

Together with Zelit Productions, Stéphane hopes to eventually develop the project into a feature-length film. Meanwhile, a frame-sponsoring system is in place, allowing interested fans to take part in the short’s development at up to 9EU per frame. From the Monsieur Hublot website:

In exchange, among other things and depending on the amount of images sponsored, they will get updates on the film’s production, a print of one of their sponsored images signed by Stéphane Halleux, the opportunity to appear in the the credits, etc. As for ourselves, this quid pro quo will enable us to complete the financing of the short film and to prepare the release of the feature film.

I love this idea!

Two charming animation tests from Monsieur Hublot have been released into the wild, so far. Watch below as the character gets his bearings and faces off with a light switch, then check out his outfit in more detail.

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  1. Pelianth Says:

    Okay, I’ll admit it. I squeeeed.

  2. JoAsakura Says:


  3. Patricia Says:

    I like the little bouncy steps he takes, and the crisp sound effects. The light switch thing when he went to the other room made me *lol* :)

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  6. Baylock Says:

    Nice article but you need to get your facts straight: Stephane Halleux is not a french sculptor but a belgian one. He is belgian, he lives in Belgium and works there as well (I know him IRL, so I can tell).
    Just like the “french fries”, he may seam french but he actually belong to a small country just above called Belgium (small or not, it’s still the capital of Europe though…).