Tyskarna Från Lund – Global Fussball OK

via Melody, thanks!

And so, with a melange of yellow cards, red fury and vuvuzela farts, the World Cup has come to a close. In adjunctive honor of the ensuing global FIFA spaz-out, here’s the raddest Swedish synthpop football anthem ever made, courtesy of Tyskarna Från Lund. (Extra points of awesomeness for that Nina Hagen reference.)

3 Responses to “Tyskarna Från Lund – Global Fussball OK”

  1. Nadya Says:


    I’m kinda gonna miss the World Cup fervor.

  2. Arcko Says:

    I only wish I knew Swedish, but it doesn’t take away from the pure enjoyment of their satire. (The whole time I was thinking “Eat it, Kraftwerk!”)

  3. Clockpolk Says:

    Actually, they’re singing in a ‘fake swedo-german’ which is quite hilarious at times. “Tyskarna från Lund” (lit. “The Germans from Lund”) was an offshoot project from the comedy troupe “Varanteatern”, who made some great comedy for Swedish television ten years ago. If you like this, you’ll love their christmas anthem, “Achtung X-Mas”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A3kMTZwSQ8