BRVTAL KNITS by Tracy Widdess

Behold. Fodder from the most ├╝ber Tumblr you’ll see all day:

Via Heather Thompson. HAIL.

Tracy Widdess is currently accepting custom orders for her sublime horror and sci-fi inspired knitwear, but queue up quick! Undoubtedly, she’s about to be inundated with weirdos clients.

More images after the jump.

7 Responses to “BRVTAL KNITS by Tracy Widdess”

  1. selizabeth Says:

    Yikes! Now that is some serious knitting. Wish I had thought of this…!

  2. Tequila Says:

    Oh these are just awesome! Haha – love the last one. Wonder if it’s possible to see out of that thing in some way. Totally worth running into walls wearing that though.

    I can see many many, shall we say eccentric, customers lining up. Too bad LA doesn’t get cold enough to wear stuff like this for you know, practical reasons. :P

  3. Steff Metal Says:

    Grymmness :) Love it.

  4. nixie Says:

    I saw the blue and red one and instantly thought Dargo! (major points if you’re a fan)

  5. Mer Says:


  6. Natasha Says:

    The new fashion in ski-mask criminology!
    These are crazy, what a talented knitter though!

  7. Steampunk Jewelry Maker Says:

    These are fantastically creative and are a sure-fire way of avoiding having to make idle conversation with bored/lonely/insane strangers in the street! At last, I can throw my crash-helmet away.