BTC: “It’s a Fine Day”

This week’s edition of BTC goes out to Comrade Lev. She’s currently packing up and preparing to roll out to Burning Man 2010 with the Syzygryd crew. I have no doubt whatsoever she’ll hear this classic house anthem by Opus III (as well as its Orbital offspring) out on the playa at some point. Wish I was going with you, hon. Bust some of those signature swirly stompy hottie-in-black moves for me, won’t ya? Unitard optional.

8 Responses to “BTC: “It’s a Fine Day””

  1. jennifer Says:

    oh this brings back memories…!!!

    there is the Erlend Oye version too

  2. foxtongue Says:

    I’m going this year, too! We should figure some sort of Burning Man COILHOUSE meet-up.

  3. B. anca Says:

    DAMN YOU! Getting me all worked out with my rave self. I miss those days so much.

  4. desiringmachine Says:

    I’m in love with the singers hair, even though I am not entirely sure what’s going on there. Ooh, now I’m tempted to shave my head again…

  5. Nadya Says:


    Come find me at (or send postcards to):

    Nadya Lev
    Syzygryd Base Camp
    5:00 & C
    c/o BRCPO
    Black Rock City, NV 89412

    Love you, guys. Mer, Zo, Ross, Milly, Steph, Paul… wish you could all be there this year!

  6. Jon Randle Says:

    Ha ha ha HACK THE PLANET!!!
    I love it. This is a tune and is always uplifting and fresh.
    More please. Ok I’m off to find my copy of Hackers now on VHS.

  7. Irys Says:

    Like: The docs and the black and white star nails.

    Dislike: The barnacles growing out of her forehead.

  8. Mer Says:

    Really?! Man, I love her hair in this! I think it’s so singularly weird and awesome.