BTC: Secos e Molhados/Ney Matogrosso


No doubt, if you are Brazilian, have kin from Brazil, or you’re just generally fascinated by the brief, impassioned revolution of Tropicália/post-Tropicálismos, you’re already familiar with Secos & Molhados. Otherwise, all you really need to know before you chug your morning smoothie is this: S&M were a scrumptiously plumed and glittering glam-rock trio fronted by a sexy sopraniño beast named Ney Matogrosso, and they were fuhhuhHIERCE. Enjoy a sampling of their performances –and a few of Matogrosso’s solo clips– below:

Bear in mind, those trio clips are all pre-Rocky Horror, pre-KISS, and pre-Nomi.


4 Responses to “BTC: Secos e Molhados/Ney Matogrosso”

  1. Santnamor2013 Says:

    Yes, I am Brazilian…I like some songs of secos & molhados for sure!
    If I am not wrong one of the best was “Rosa de Hiroshima”, about the nuclear attack (2ndWW)

    Thanks to remind me of them…makes me think again of my “despotic & cruel country”…I am deep sad to find myself mute as environmentalist while Brazil is burning out all hopes of their quiet people…they want me to shut up as well…but I won´t…I am little but annoying…hehe…

  2. Zoetica Says:

    Wow wow wow! Goregeousness, all around! Also: made me watch several Queen videos. Love.

  3. Rosele Says:

    I´m Brazilian and when I was a child, my parents and relatives used to listen to Secos e Molhados a lot… I used to have lots of fun playing and listening to them at the same time…
    I love them until now! They were really amazing!
    Thanks for showing the world an aspect of Brazilian music that so many people are not familiar with… even here.

  4. Rafaella Says:

    I’m brazilian and actually, Secos & Molhados is part of my childhood. :D
    Great see some stuff about them here at Coilhouse.