Circuit Bent Decapitated Barbie Head

“It’s time for GLAMOR… What should we do to become GLAMOROUS?”

Via Colin Peters.

Glad you asked, Island Princess Barbie! How about letting the gloriously demented folks from Freeform Delusion circuit bend the ever-lovin’ frak outta you? They’re going to skin your pretty little head and soup it up with a switchable mono mini jack output, voice relay bypass, glowing/alternating LED eyeballs, and pitch manipulators. Would you like that, Barbie? Now you’re ready for the ball! You look like royalty. Let’s all sing.

3 Responses to “Circuit Bent Decapitated Barbie Head”

  1. m1k3y Says:

    HAIL ROBOT SATAN!!!!!!111111

  2. .typhoid Says:

    This is just excellent. I love you, Internet.

  3. Nadya Says:

    THIS IS AMAZING. Mer, this made my morning. I loved every second of it. I want.