HAIR-GASM! The Best of the 2010 Hairstyling Awards

Every year, the the North American Hairstyling Awards competition brings forth a new crop of rainbow-colored, architectural, retro-inspired, hair-spirational eye candy. This year’s recently-announced winners and nominees pushed the envelope more than ever before. There are multiple images form each nominee in each category, so click on each entrant’s name below if you want to see more images from that particular series. Be sure to check out the before-and-after images in the Haircolor category – it’s amazing what professional lighting and a great styling team can do. An array of sci-fi heroines, snow queens, robots and circus starlets, after the jump. [Via amazing hairstylist Holly Jones, who’s been providing hair help to Coilhouse editorials since Issue 01].

See also:

Heather Wenman – 2010 nominee, Master Hairstylist of the Year category

Nicholas French – 2010 winner, Avant Garde category

Alain Pereque – 2010 nominee, Avant Garde category

Chad Seale – 2010 nominee, Avant Garde category

Charlie Price – 2010 nominee, Avant Garde category

Alain Pereque – 2010 nominee, Contemporary Classic category

Glenn Mitchell and Charlie Price – 2010 nominees, Fashion Forward category

Steve Elias – 2010 nominee, Fashion Forward category

Antoine Vadacchino – 2010 winner, Fashion Forward category

Chrystofer Benson – 2010 winner, Haircolor category

Sue Pemberton – 2010 nominee, Haircolor category

Nancy Scasserra – 2010 nominee, Haircolor category

Shawna Parvin – 2010 nominee, Hairstylist of the Year category

Seong Hee Park – 2010 winner, Make-up Artist of the Year category

Katelyn Simkins – 2010 nominee, Make-up Artist of the Year category

Sevan Tatoulian – 2010 nominee, Make-up Artist of the Year category

Valentinos Grand Salon – 2010 nominee, Salon Team of the Year category

Rebecca Cowles – 2010 nominee, Student Stylist category

Dimitrios Tsioumas – 2010 winner, Texture category

Michael Albor – 2010 nominee, Master Hairstylist of the Year category

9 Responses to “HAIR-GASM! The Best of the 2010 Hairstyling Awards”

  1. leighwoosey Says:

    Where are the men?

  2. Adrian Says:

    This is just cementing my need for white or silver-grey hair.

    Also, omg that bubble ‘do!

  3. Mer Says:

    Holy crap, these are GREAT. Eye candy om nom nom.

  4. Nadya Says:

    @leigh I know, right? According to the official rules, models can be male or female in either category, but mostly it’s women. There were a few guys, btu the puctures weren’t as interesting, IMO. Here’s one I kinda liked:

  5. selizabeth Says:

    These are all fantastic, but pic #12 – Shawna Parvin’s – is thrilling me on every.single.level.

  6. Synesthesia Garden Says:

    These are totally amazing!

  7. Tequila Says:

    I was gonna ask about the guys too but – yeah – most of these designs wouldn’t really merge too well would they? Not that a guy wouldn’t wear it but it seems like the male models would be a distraction. Not sure with though…

    Fantastic work obviously – kinda makes me wish this was the stuff we’d see everyday on the street. Sure it’s take hours to achieve but hey, it’s worth it no?

    Impressed with the level of creativity & how well executed the ideas are. The Chrystofer Benson entry in particular. Looks so deceptively simple! Love it.

  8. Chris L Says:

    These are fantastic! All of them!
    I’m really digging the composition in the Dimitrios Tsioumas entry… that woman looks like she was lifted straight out of Aeon Flux or something.

  9. The Best of the US 2010 Hairstyling awards. Says:

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