“I can go twice as hiiiiiiigh…”

Is it just me, or is an exceptionally pungent cloud of irony-infused nostalgia hanging o’er the interwub like a stale pegacorn fart today? First, three different people send me this. Also, this has resurfaced. Someone just made me watch “Falkor Gone Wild“. And now, this:


I’m so glad Z published that Captain Eo post. A questionable antidote for the inappropriate diddling of one’s childhood, perhaps, but still. Every little bit helps.

8 Responses to ““I can go twice as hiiiiiiigh…””

  1. Tertiary Says:

    Oh, man, that opium dream version of Reading Rainbow is fucking amazing! And Falcor gone wild is creepy, yes, but still awesome.

    I thought you were a fan of inappropriate diddling, Mer? That’s why we send you these things… well, that and revenge, probably.

  2. Mer Says:

    Bastards. All of you.

  3. lizzelizzel Says:

    Now I’m flashing back to dancing to the Mortal Kombat song alone in my bedroom.

  4. choklit Says:

    Ah, there used to be a forum for the documentation of such horrors: The Hall of Broken Memories: Ruining Childhoods Since Right Now. It seems to now be inoperable save the intro page – perhaps thankfully…

  5. Emma Says:

    You know what the best episode of Reading Rainbow was? The set visit to TNG.

  6. Zoetica Says:

    While I was watching the PUMP IT UP! video, a glass candle-holder thing exploded in the living room. Beware!

  7. Nadya Says:

    I watched this and felt high. I also realized that I still know each and every word to this song. READING RAINBOW 4EVA!!!

  8. R. Says:

    *dies laughing* My boyfriend is sitting here telling me that is so wrong, but it’s so great. Reading Rainbow was the best show back in the day.