Laurie Lipton’s “Machine Punk” Series


In a new series titled Machine Punk, artist Laurie Lipton (previously on Coilhouse, with a cameo appearance by Caryn Drexl) skillfully renders a series of cumbersome, beautifully sprawling machines whose tangled wires and polluted textures conspire to create a sense of unease. Lipton states that the series was inspired by steampunk, but notes that the machines in her images run on “madness and electricity” rather than steam. “I was vacuuming one day, and noticed the amount of plugs and cables on the floor… a veritable wasp’s nest of wires and sockets connecting a hoard of gadgets and doo-dads intertwining around the house and my life. I was trapped like a fly in an electrical web. What had happened? Were these things making my life easier or more complex?” The resulting series features contraptions ranging from rickety flying machines to torturous exercise equipment, and critiques – among other things – CCTV surveillance, a broken recycling system, and the empty thought-calories of spending too much time online. Most of the images in this series are best enjoyed at a larger size, so click here to see them all.

Machine Punk will be on display at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles from November 5 – 28th in Gallery 1, side-by-side with artist and Coilhouse collaborator Jessica Joslin in Gallery 2. Also, if you’re a fan of Laurie Lipton’s ghostly older work, it’s worth mentioning that she recently collaborated with clothing company AllSaints to produce a line of t-shirts featuring the wraiths and skeletons of her previous work, and that some of these shirts are now on sale. [Many thanks to the awesome Coilhouse reader who sent this in – I received your submission a while ago, but can’t find it now to credit you! Was it via Twitter?]

The Fates


The Illusion-of-Control Tower

Flying Machine


The Self-Destruct Button


Off Spring

3 Responses to “Laurie Lipton’s “Machine Punk” Series”

  1. Daryl Champion Says:

    A magnificent combination of vision, commentary and technique. Can’t wait for a new UK exhibition of Laurie’s work.

  2. Tyler Says:

    LOVE Laurie’s work. First found her at an exhibition for the Society for Art of the Imagination, and bought her print of the Three Fates ( remains a centerpiece anywhere I live.


  3. Jessica Says:

    SUCH an amazing body of work…I am waiting with bated breath until I can see them in person! Gleeeeeee!!!