Legs and Co. versus Jonathan Richman

Between 1976 and 1981, the saucy female dance troupe Legs & Co. reigned supreme on the BBC television series Top of the Pops. Sometimes their skits were impressively, lavishly corny. Other times, um, not quite so lavish, but still epically cheeztacular:

Via Dogmeat. (The highway is his only girlfriend ’cause he goes by so quick.)

That was their 1977 take on the incredible Mr. Jonathan Richman’s “Roadrunner”. It’s probably the single most atrocious discopunk mashup I’ve ever seen, short of this. (And yet, Leg & Co’s interpretation really isn’t that much more addled than the Sex Pistols‘ cover, is it?)

Silver lining: that TOTP clip just sent me on an two hour-long Richman/Modern Lovers binge on YouTube. They’re compiled below for your own viewing pleasure.

One Response to “Legs and Co. versus Jonathan Richman”

  1. gmoke Says:

    Jonathan still tours and plays with his drummer Tommy in between jobs as a stonemason. He lives in San Francisco. He doesn’t advertise or record but still has a loyal audience that comes out to see him.

    He’s an original and a very sweet and perceptive guy. Gawd help us, he’s a grandfather now.