Live 4 Pakistan Fundraiser Featuring Zoe Keating, AFP

Quick heads up! Tomorrow, Sir Richard Branson and Imogen Heap are spearheading “a very spontaneous ‘get together‘ with live music and open discussion […] to raise funds to benefit the victims of the recent devastating floods in Pakistan.”


Hosted by Ze Frank, the webcast will feature intimate musical performances by Coilhouse faves ZoĆ« Keating and Amanda Palmer, as well as Heap, Kaki King, KT Tunstall, Ben Folds, (Zoetica’s old high school chum) Josh Groban, and others. Conversations with Sir Richard Branson, Mary Robinson, Cameron Sinclair, Mark Pearson (live from Karachi), Gary Slutkin and Anders Wilhemlson. Heap says:

As you know, Monsoon rains have caused extensive flooding throughout Pakistan. Around one fifth of the country was hit, causing over 14 million people to have been affected, 900,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed and the death toll is rising.

The future of Pakistan and its region are at risk . Our global and connected communities can help today by coming together and showing solidarity.

Firstly and most importantly, we’re looking to fund raise for a group of charites on the ground. A further aim is to stimulate a debate between you and the speakers perhaps generating lifechanging ideas and solutions which could address the long lasting social and geopolitial consequences.

So, this is about the disaster relief and also how life copes after the flood.

Find out when the live event begins in your time zone, and tune in to see how you can help.

2 Responses to “Live 4 Pakistan Fundraiser Featuring Zoe Keating, AFP”

  1. Hacky Says:

    Thank you for this! I’m actually watching it now!

  2. Bricius Says:

    Raise funds? Why doesn’t he just pull a few million out of his posterior anatomy?