\m/ Out on the Wiley, Windy Moors \m/

Who knew that, deep within Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights, an epic power metal ballad was waiting to be unleashed? Brazilian metal band Angra discovered this great truth in 1993, releasing the utterly deadpan cover above. There’s no music video to accompany the song, but I suggest syncing it up with Kate’s “white dress” version, below (as opposed to the “red dress” version for the American release – while also stunning, the facial expressions in it are more sane in a way that makes it pale in comparison). Kate Bush was 18 when she wrote the song, and had never read the book. She later read it, and discovered that she shares a birthday with Emily Brontë.

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5 Responses to “\m/ Out on the Wiley, Windy Moors \m/”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Ha.. that’s hilariously awesome! Only a metalman/metaleer would have the falsetto to pull those notes!

  2. Tertiary Says:

    The white dress version could perhaps be a part of the Unarius film.

  3. Jon Randle Says:

    Punk band China Drum did a far better version of this song years ago and one that you could dance to in a club.

  4. Jeromey Says:

    You mentioning Kate Bush made my day. I’m a HUGE fan of hers the cover is really good.

  5. Juliette Says:

    I personally love the Puppini Sisters version of this song. It’s very Andrews Sisters retro.