New Sirens From Kate O’Brien

Coilhouse Issue 02 alum Kate O’Brien just finished a Tom Banwell-and-Bioshock-inspired shoot, and a few dreamy images have trickled out into her Flickr stream over the past 24 hours.

Model: Isabelle, photo/styling/editing :Kate O’Brien

I remember her uploading a bunch of in-progress photos of the helmet featured in these shots, and me being verrry curious about the forthcoming images. Kate pours a massive amount of time, money, and energy into building her own props and sets, often documenting the process in her blog. You can read all about this gold leather helmet here.

Apologies for the black bars, but we’ve had a few complaints about posting teh n00dz on the front page before, so please click the jump for bar-free pretties.

10 Responses to “New Sirens From Kate O’Brien”

  1. Chaz Says:

    Such perfection has been wrought through these photos.

  2. Lo Zephyr Says:

    That feather capelet is very intriguing. I would love to see more of it!

  3. Jacque Says:

    Isabelle and Kate are both dripping with talent… these amazing shots are beyond perfect!

  4. Tequila Says:

    Beautiful craftsmanship in the props, compositions, & sheer technical skill. Takes a great them and builds on it.

    Good choice of a model too – she poses well giving that mechanical/genetically modified creation look that works with the backdrop. Love the arm & hand placements!

    Curious if their were any done with the model not looking so pristine – keep wanting to see a bit of dirt, oil, or ash on her for some reason.

  5. Kate O'Brien Says:

    I really wanted to keep her clean and pure to provide a contrast between her and her surroundings. I think it helps get across the idea that this vulnerable, otherworldly creature is terribly out of place in her dark, damp environment.

  6. Mer Says:

    These are gorgeous, Kate! I really love the contrast, personally, especially in that middle shot, where she’s hunching over. Absolutely scrumptious.

  7. thom Says:

    how much stuff did you nick from dads shed for this backdrop? out come amazing.good work again big sister.

  8. Danny Says:

    I’m liking everything I’m seeing here! Nice work!

  9. Steampunk Jewelry Maker Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love this set, the model looks fantastic and the costume is amazing. Hoping Bioshock Infinity will look as cool as this!

  10. robert boydd Says:

    Lovely work, well done to artist and model