Nokia Mutation

Here’s another Cronenbergian nightmare for you! Been meaning to roll this one out for a while now, but Ross’ Yeasayer post and last week’s focus group scene on Mad Men reminded me to finally get on it.

This Nokia N900 commercial came out late last year, and leaves me a little puzzled even after third and fourth and fifth viewing. The scene opens with a view of a focus group, as seen through glass by the observing parties. A few guys brainstorm desirable phone features, while one – a black-clad, scruffy type – doesn’t seem to be interested in participating. When asked to speak up, he begins to twitching and screaming at his collaborators. Panic ensues. Then, after a series of incredibly cool-looking and terrifying man-becomes-machine contortions, he transforms into a phone. Yep. It’s an insane, abusive man-phone. Enjoy!

(Via Engadget)

7 Responses to “Nokia Mutation”

  1. R. Says:

    Holy fuck is all I can say. Oh, and awesome.

  2. Sev. Says:

    what I thought of was…Hitler?

  3. Sev. Says:

    …oh, it’s a decepticon reference. my bad. (blushes, and hides face in shame)

  4. scarabin Says:

    i thought it was corny.

    david lynch did a bunch of similar (better) ads for playstation back in the day

  5. Zoetica Says:

    @Scarabin – I love those Lynch ads, YES! As far as this Nokia one goes, I will agree that the TV-screen mouth and slogans were of the cheese, but still really dig the mood and aesthetic.

  6. Alan Tyson Says:

    Kinda loving the way he said “I am the medium.” Something about the cadence of the words, really nice.

  7. Ariane Says:

    lol I actually have this phone :D
    The phone is pretty much like the commercial, offbeat, kind of underground, ahead of its time.
    I find it more like a sort of minicomputer that happens to also be able to make phonecalls. Of course completely open source, you have root access also, people have even put windows 98 on this phone (not sure why you would want to do that, but you can lol)

    But seeing this commercial it makes me not very surprised that even though this phone is pure win, there weren’t that many sold..