Weather Of The Day: Finnish Thunderstorm

A surreal clip, ailment taken on a beach in Finland, of an ominous thunderstorm coming in on a spectacular shelf cloud, sending beach-goers off in panicked flight.

Thanks, Evan!

11 Responses to “Weather Of The Day: Finnish Thunderstorm”

  1. Samantha Says:

    There was a freak, isolated lightening storm a few weeks ago in NYC, also. All this weirdo storm weather is a little too H.G. Wells for me.

  2. Kambriel Says:

    Yet again, Nature shows it is capable of the potential of far more awesome splendor and terror than any Hollywood film.

    (I was wondering how long it would take the people filming it though to realize they needed to ~get off the beach~.)

  3. RedBloc Says:

    Uh-oh, here comes The Nothing. Anyone seen a kid on a flying dog?

  4. Miss Spite Says:

    The Nothing! That was JUST what I was thinking.

  5. mhn Says:

    I wasn’t there on the beach but I saw it from my livingroom window. Never seen anything like that before! Darkness fell all over in just few seconds and there were massive lightnings. I quite enjoyed it to be honest :)

  6. nadmai Says:

    My friend was over at some demoscene conference and witnessed this. If this video shows us anything it is that having a blonde Finnish woman on hand as a early warning system for freak natural phenomena is critical when out and about.

  7. Jon Randle Says:

    Forget, noise and explosions that happen in all the movies. That was awesome but yet kind of scary. The silence make it so real. Amazing to see nature show use how small we are.

  8. Mer Says:


  9. cappy Says:

    It’s even more dramatic like this:

  10. scarygirl Says:

    So. Awesome.
    I remember seeing something like this earlier this year – reaaaally big storm with loads of hail and rain hit Melbourne. Absolute mayhem, Southern Cross station (crazy-huge place) had pieces of its roof cave in, people were covered in welts from the hailstones, the rain turned the streets into rivers (which people swam in…ew). My poor sis was stuck in the centre of it :(

    I was on the edge of it, just remember seeing an ordinary storm front forming, whatevs…30 min later I turn around and see this creepy-as-fuck black churning mess. CLOUDS AREN’T MEANT TO CHURN.

    Anyway yes, cool vid.

  11. psychicwhoosh Says:

    Evidently this very same storm injured forty people at the Sonisphere music festival and completely destroyed Iron Maiden’s electronic gear.

    Even though being from Florida and growing up under an incalculable number of super-cells, I honestly thought this video might involve some CGI trickery. It looked too good.

    Nice to find my internet bred cynicism temporarily thwarted: