Where to Find Issue 05

One satisfied customer.

Just a courtesy notice for those of you still seeking out Coilhouse Issue 05, which sold out on our site a while ago: you can still find Issue 05 in stores nationwide. Click here for a list of all the stores that carry Issue 05. We suggest calling the stores before you go over there, just to confirm that the issues are still in stock. Unfortunately, we don’t have an updated database of store inventory, just the list of stores we know received copies of Issue 05. If there are any other stores you think should carry Coilhouse, please let us know. We love hearing about places like Criminal Records in Atlanta and Powell’s in Portland… perfect candidates for Coilhouse! If you’re a bookshop interested in selling Issue 05, you can go through your wholesaler to get it. If you deal with someone like Ubiquity, Ingram, RCS or Last Gasp, they will hook you up. Thank you again for your support!

There are also two places where you can buy it online. For those of you living in Australia or New Zealand, you can still mail-order Issue 05 from our esteemed friends at Wildilocks. In the States, we recently learned that Last Gasp Books is offering Issue 05 for sale online. Atomic Books also had it, but it’s now sold out. It’s costs $12.99 at Last Gasp (as opposed to $15, which is how much it cost on our site), and it’s less expensive there because the copies Last Gasp has are unsigned and don’t contain the exclusive Dorian Grey art postcards which were included with the version of Issue 05 you could get directly from us. We hope to have something special for those who order directly from us for every issue.

If there are any other shops you know of that carry Issue 05, let us know! Thank you again for your support.

8 Responses to “Where to Find Issue 05”

  1. Tequila Says:

    The Barnes & Noble here in Glendale, CA still has copies.

    Whoever is responsible for where they go seems to be confused though. It’s in the art section but tends to be on the lower shelf with the more fine art magazines that no one ever buys vs. all the more interesting stuff on the top shelf people actually read.

    Needless to say I always put a copy or two up there when I make my weekly “Helping the economy by buying movies” trips.

  2. Ariel Says:

    Borders in Auckland, New Zealand has them – I saw them on 22nd, Aug. They cost around $30.00. I’m sure they are happy to deliver as well.

  3. Mer Says:

    @Ariel and other fellow Coilhausers in Australasia– If you can, order from Cass/Wildilocks. She’s a dear friend with a feisty wee indie shop, and I’m pretty sure she’s offering the magazine more cheaply than Borders.

  4. James Says:

    Oh dear. Much chance of me Finding a UK stockist?

  5. Tender B Says:

    I saw a couple of copies at the newsstand in Montrose, CA.

  6. Cass Says:

    Thanks ms Mer! We still have a very small handful of issue 5’s left ;)

  7. Laura Gardner Says:

    A UK stockist in the future would be great. Any chance of getting it in WH Smiths?

  8. Steph Says:

    Hey, the magazine guy at Book People in Austin said he’s interested. I doubt he’ll remember to follow up, but if you guys contact him he should be receptive.