Arthur C. Clarke’s 1964 Predictions for Today

BBC’s Horizon is a philosophical and scientific series that still runs today. Its opening episode in 1964 featured Coilhouse patron saint, Buckminster Fuller, along with the program’s mission statement:

The aim of Horizon is to provide a platform from which some of the world’s greatest scientists and philosophers can communicate their curiosity, observations and reflections, and infuse into our common knowledge their changing views of the universe.

Later that year, science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke was invited to share his visions of the future. Some are scary, warning us of the world becoming a giant suburb – right up there with the terror of Idiocracy, which still gives my nightmares. Some are encouraging, though yet-unrealized. My favorite speculations include: domed communities on icecaps, holidays under the sea, planetary engineering, and my top favorite remains recording directly onto the brain [please, yes?].

Though we’re running out of time to camp on either of the Poles, who’s to say at least some of us won’t be vacationing on the Moon in a fifty years? After all, Clarke’s prediction of us communicating instead of commuting was dead on, cryogenics are in full swing, and The Replicator exists, if only as 3D printing and spimes, for now. Watch the segment below in two parts, then see also:

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6 Responses to “Arthur C. Clarke’s 1964 Predictions for Today”

  1. Tim Reynolds Says:

    Very interesting, as a lover of Ubran lifeI would hate to the city go. Transformed improved and made better yes but not go.

  2. Zoetica Says:

    In complete agreement there, Tim. The idea of an endless suburb is just nauseating.

  3. Mer (the second) Says:

    The 10% Myth in Coilhouse?

  4. Brain Food: 3D Games, Gender Pay Gaps and Holidays Under the Sea | The Push Institute Says:

    […] ‘Arthur Clarke’s 1964 Predictions for the Future (Coilhouse) In 1964, Arthur Clarke (author of 2001: A Space Odyssey) appeared on the BBC’s “Horizon” program to offer his predictions for the future. Some are terrifying, like the idea of the entire world turning into one giant suburb. Others, like domed communities on icecaps, holidays under the sea (!), planetary engineering, and recording directly onto the brain, are delightful and will hopefully be realized someday. Article By: Megan Weisenberger […]

  5. Zoetica Says:

    Mer, I know, I know, but I WANT TO BELIEVE! I’ll edit for sarcasm though, I see that it doesn’t come across.

  6. Xebulon Says:

    Alas, the BBC’s Horizon ceased production and broadcast years ago. There are no science or philosophical shows on the BBCTV whatsoever. I write as one of many employed in the coils of the leviathan. All is celebrity commentary and cheap-jack material composed of recycled CCTV footage – a populist right-wing & dirt-cheap horrorshow for the cowed and deluded masses.
    The idea of informed & inquiring public broadcasting in Britain as a bastion of enlightened and free culture is a myth.