Better Than Coffee: Hawaii Toast

An exotic new craving on this post Labor Day morning before the start of the work week, even, perhaps, before one’s first steaming sip of strong coffee: a concoction consisting of toasted bread, processed meatstuff, a limp, plasticky piece of American cheese, and a slice of canned pineapple possibly past its expiration date.  This, apparently, is “Hawaii  Toast”, a delicacy whose existence I was very much ignorant of until just yesterday. Just look at it! Delicious, or what?

Judging from his orgiastic consumption of the things, it would seem Alexander Marcus finds this to be true as well.
His… um… excitement, you’ll soon see, is quite evident.

Thanks, Mathyld for sharing this!

(via wikipedia) Alexander Marcus … is a persona of the German music producer Felix Rennefeld…
Rennefeld’s music is a mixture of modern electronic club music and folk music, which he has named ‘Electro Lore’, a combination of ‘electro’ and ‘folklore’…Marcus exaggerates many of the clichés present in pop music, and his music videos feature “trashy” objects, such as a recurrent plastic globe called “Globi”. Spiegel Online sees the character as a typical example of a return to pop-art social criticism. Never breaking out of character, he leaves the question of whether he is a parody unanswered:

The idea that the guy might really be as barmy as it seems, remains at least possible.

—Uh-Young Kim for Spiegel Online

And, for added hilarity, a translation of the lyrics. Guten apetite, indeed.

5 Responses to “Better Than Coffee: Hawaii Toast”

  1. MerkwürdigLiebe Says:

    btw, there is also pizza hawaii and schnitzel hawaii (all with pineappel and cheese). But if you realy want to impress your visitors / boss / mother-in-law with german cuisine of the 50’s prepare a Mettigel:

  2. Patrick Says:

    Ah yes, the endless fascination of naming any foodstuff topped with pineapple as “Hawaiian.” I grew up in Hawaii and have never heard of “Hawaiian Toast.” That said, it looks delectable. Any dish with Spam is irresistible to one raised in the Aloha State. It is our culture’s nutritional Achilles heel.

    For authenticity’s sake, I will point out Hawaii’s preferred breakfast is a 7-11 Spam musubi ( and a large coffee or Big Gulp of Diet Coke. A spam musubi with furikake is particularly broke da mouth, as we say.

  3. Karohemd Says:

    Hahaha, that brings back memories from my childhood where this was a staple on Boxing Day in the evening (the big meal would be at lunch) and weirdly enough, I still love it but when I cook it, I use a nice bread, good gammon, fresh pineapple and a slice of gruyere.

  4. miss amelia Says:

    my mom always made those when i was a kid on english muffins and with tuna! i thought she’d made it up…

  5. mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲ Says:

    haha ! Oh dear …
    Now I want some hawaii toasts again ! Only I use nice swiss cheese and no ham, for a veggie version :)

    nom nom !
    x x x