Breathtaking Time Lapse Show Reel by Mike Flores

via Jon Ascher

Mike Flores, a photographer and filmmaker from North County, San Diego, sets his state-of-the-art HD camera on a dolly that scoots it along at a snail’s pace, shooting time lapse imagery. The resulting footage –particularly that of natural desert landscapes and skies– is stunningly beautiful.

Soundtrack supplied by Hans Zimmer’s bombastic (and highly effective) Inception score. Visit Flores’ Vimeo account for more videos. Be sure to watch them all full screen.

6 Responses to “Breathtaking Time Lapse Show Reel by Mike Flores”

  1. rickie Says:

    literally ‘breathtaking’!

    that is really intense and beautiful…

  2. maggie Says:

    Oh my god.. those starry skies really are a feast to the eye. Plus they make me want to live in a desert.

  3. ottluuk Says:

    Ron Fricke. I want to like this, beautiful as it is, but it just too… Ron Fricke. Except for the “not made by Ron Fricke” part.

  4. nadmai Says:

    I love the inception soundtrack but I don’t feel it fitted this beautiful footage. I turned the sound off and listened to Together We Will Live Forever by Clint Mansell. I think with this kind of imagery, supplied without a subtext, the viewer can find their own communication with it, without harming the intention too much.

  5. Mer Says:

    Fair enough. I love Ron Fricke’s cinematography immensely, but I feel like there’s room for other gorgeous time lapse material in the world besides his.

    Personally, I didn’t mind the music (and I think he did well with pacing the shots with the building/changing theme) but you’re so right– any time you take a pre-existing film score and integrate it with your own imagery, there’s going to be hella subtext to contend with. Although…. I suppose that goes for Mansell as well as Zimmer! ;)

  6. Nadya Says:

    Wow, that was amazing. I love how the starry sky looks almost fake! It’s so magical. Man, it made me want to re-watch Koyaanisqatsi. It’s been over 10 years. This is stunning.