BTC: “I’m just burning doin’ the neuTRON dance.”

Hurrrrr, neuTRON dance… geddit? (Via BarbieHead, reigning Coilhouse clan queen of Disney trivia/ephemera.)

It’s 1985. It’s Disneyland. It’s the Main Street Electrical Parade. It’s the Pointer Sisters performing their hit single “Neutron Dance”. It’s two dozen exuberant jazz dancers in Tron leotards. It’s a gargantuan glowing mushroom. It’s a spinning, leering, ten-foot-tall bumblebee thingummer about to annihilate the Pointer sister furthest to the right (look closely– you can see the terror in her eyes). It’s a blinking, zigzagging caterpillar conga line. It’s Pete’s friggin’ Dragon farting up the joint. It’s… it’s full of stars? No, wait, it’s just another Monday morning cultural acid flashback, and we all head off to work singin’ “I’m on fiiiiiighYAH!” (Woo hoo!)

3 Responses to “BTC: “I’m just burning doin’ the neuTRON dance.””

  1. Andy Says:

    No mention of Beverly Hills Cop? For which this was the de-facto soundtrack? Of the line, “We’re not gonna fall for a banana in the tailpipe.” ?

    I, for one, thank this movie every day of my life for giving me the wisdom to never, ever, fall for a banana in the tailpipe.

  2. thekamisama Says:

    Takes me back to when we stayed up waaaaayyy past bedtime (and about 2 hours after we were too tired to ride any more rides) just to see the Electric Parade. I remember as soon as Mickey rode past dad had us run as fast as we could to the car to avoid the rush of people leaving Disney World for the night. I still laugh thinking about my mom calling my littlest brother “Lot’s wife” in the car because he almost got lost as we were going because he kept looking back at the fireworks.

    Who else thought this song was “New Tron Dance” as a kid because of this TV special?

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