BTC (Part Three?!): OK Go’s “White Knuckles”

It’s a Coilhouse first: three BTCs in one friggin’ day. Can’t be helped. (You guys don’t mind, do ya?) OK Go just uploaded their latest one-take music video triumph to YouTube, AND IT HAS DOGS IN IT:

5 Responses to “BTC (Part Three?!): OK Go’s “White Knuckles””

  1. Comorbid Says:

    Don’t forget the random goat.

  2. rickie Says:

    those guys make the coolest videos.

  3. Mer Says:

    @Comorbid The goat’s my favorite part, too, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. :)

  4. R Says:

    from Brazil:

  5. maggie Says:

    love love love that this work of awesome also serves a good cause. :)