BTC: The Shower Scene from “Gimme An F”

Rise and shine, comrades. Time to face another Monday morning. You know what might help? A hot shower. With Stephen Shellen. In a pair of tighty-whities:

“Oh gawd I’m getting all tingly.”

Gimme An ‘F’ was the slimy, raw Meatballs-textured afterbirth that slid out of the ass end of 1984 while Footloose and Flashdance were still showing at drive-ins. Kudos to Katrina Galore for toilet-plunging its most memorable scene up from the depths. (Katrina, delightful pervert that she is, just made it known that she’ll be co-editing an upcoming anthology of Dystopian Erotica. They’re currently calling for submissions. Go git ’em!)

5 Responses to “BTC: The Shower Scene from “Gimme An F””

  1. Spaceytracy Says:

    did he really do the worm in the middle of his sexy dance?

  2. Karen Says:

    I say this in full sincerity, Ms. Meredith: you truly do have a special gift with words.

  3. Celephais Says:

    This is…


    …words fail.

  4. Mer Says:


  5. Katrina Galore Says:

    Thank you for the shout-out, Mlle. Meredith! All hail pervy girls!