“Neverest” is a single of of Star, the debut album from Hey Champ. The song itself is of the electronic variety, the members of Hey Champ playing their instruments from inside the confines of neon tinged pyramids bastardized from Gary Numan’s repertoire. We’re not here for either the song or the set design, however. No, we are here for the beautiful, lithe nymphets gyrating in their underwear, swinging their hips back and forth like seductive pendulums, their sentient dolphin-head breasts swiveling on their chests, eyes glowing with otherworldly light.

Why these women would have cetaceans sprouting from their torsos is a question I am not equipped to answer, nor would I allow myself to pass judgment on those who find the image of the aforementioned cetaceans bound to the human form arousing. I am simply pointing out that it is a thing that exists and we are, all of us, going to have to accept that.

via The Daily What

3 Responses to “Delphinidae”

  1. Tequila Says:

    First The Cove & now this – I foresee many a dream spawning into pure raw squeaky horror now. Though the questions needs to be asked if such ladies would be able to control the dolphin heads? OR would they be independent thus having their own minds? Would they make sounds & be able to communicate with other dolphins? Do they need to be fed independently? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

    Madness. Pure Madness.

  2. Cjrpos Says:

  3. Patricia Says:

    Would they have their own vertabrae? If not they look painfully heavy to be supported by soft tissue. What happens when these women get really old and their dolphins start to sag?