Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

An animated short of MAXIMUM MEMEWORTHY ADORABLENESS, directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp. (“I am a director and an editor. And I literally got a college degree in making movies! You believe that? A COLLEGE DEGREE. College for movies? Hah! Can you beat it? I don’t think so– movies are the best!”) He is made of awesome. Go check out his website RITE NAO.

Marcel the Shell is voiced (“untreated and unenhanced”) by Jenny Slate– yes, the very same Jenny who dropped an F-Bomb during the live taping of her SNL debut. Prepare to squee your pants.

3 Responses to “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On”

  1. Synesthesia Garden Says:

    I saw that the other day and it was so incredibly cute!

  2. JoAsakura Says:

    too adorable for WORDS!

  3. “Marcel The Shell With Shoes On” – Animierter Kurzfilm von Dean Fleischer-Camp Says:

    […] Das ist irgendwie genauso liebenswürdig. Marcel die Muschel wird übrigens von Jenny Slate gesprochen, die seit 2009 zum Cast von Saturday Night Live gehört. (via Coilhouse) […]