Tokyo Up, Down

The Tokyo Up, Down project comprises a series of black & white photographs taken inside and outside of elevators in Tokyo. The project explores vertical transportation in the intimacy of the elevator cabin, a moment of silence suspended in space and time, which nonetheless yields a rich array of subtle interactions between strangers on the shortest ever journey.

A seemingly simple idea that produced some stunning results. Some of them seem as though they are stills from a noir thriller, the figures frozen in lonely contemplation, framed by severe, modern architecture. Inside the elevators, the subjects either confront the camera or studiously avoid it. It calls to mind the sociological experiment of entering a crowded elevator and turning to face the rest of the people in the car instead of the door. When one’s personal space is shrunk down to mere centimeters eye contact becomes even more intimate, almost invasive, something that Xavier Comas uses to great effect.

via lens culture

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