Alex Heller Does Creep Cover With Dolls

Made popular by the trailers for The Social Network, the Scala & Kolacny Brothers’ Choir’s cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” gets a suitably disturbing video by Alex Heller. Using a Nikon D60 to take 1554 pictures, Miss Heller gives us the story of four, malevolent Barbies and the chubby outsider who wants more than anything to be just like them.

Via Kuriositas : The Daily What

4 Responses to “Alex Heller Does Creep Cover With Dolls”

  1. Avocado Says:

    You meant Nirvana, not Radiohead.
    Fascinating video.

  2. Mer Says:

    Hmmm, no, “Creep” is definitely a Radiohead song. :)

  3. maelstrom235 Says:

    brilliant in its simplicity. art imitating life.

  4. Diane Says:

    Very intense. I konw I’ve heard this version of the song on a trailer, but I don’t think it was The Social Network–pretty sure it was something European. Anyway, yeah, intense.