Ari Up (Goodbye, True Warrior)

One of the fiercest, capsule strangest, cialis sale coolest grand dames of punk rock has left us. Ari Up, free-spirited vocalist for the UK punk band, The Slits (as well as countless subsequent music projects), has died after a long, unspecified illness. She was 48 years old.

Anyone who ever had the privilege of seeing Ari perform –or even just to be in the same room with her and that huge, husky laugh– knows what a tremendous force of nature she was. Her ongoing mission: “to fight for musical expression, women, and cultural freedom.” Love you, Baby Ari. Madussa. True Warrior. The mission continues.

3 Responses to “Ari Up (Goodbye, True Warrior)”

  1. stephanie Says:

    the Slits are so awesome!! I had no idea of their existence til now, sadly. So special that you knew her. xoxo. big hugs mer!

  2. scarygirl Says:

    Oh shit. Shiiiiit.
    RI.P. Ari.

  3. Michael Johnson Says:

    One of music’s great mavericks, boundary-pushers, and barricade-destroyers. All sorts of things would be different if she had never lived. The most un-Typical Girl I’ve ever seen.

    I saw The Slits almost exactly a year ago in London…Ari was on fine form: a one-woman energy bomb. Can’t help wondering what happened in just one year.