Glass Embossing By David A Smith

A fascinating look into the work of David A. Smith, who makes decidedly intricate embossed glass signs. It’s almost frighteningly meticulous work, and Smith makes it look easy in a way that only someone with years of experience and copious talent can. Simply beautiful.

Via Bioephemera (Welcome back, Jessica. We missed you.)

2 Responses to “Glass Embossing By David A Smith”

  1. Mike Estee Says:

    that was fascinating! thanks :)

  2. Ed Wimble Says:

    Wonderful work David, very pleased to see Glass Emossing still alive and well.
    For a number of years, 1967 onwards, I worked in the embossing shop at Aygee Glass in Bermondsey, London under the direction of Jack Keats, a real old time sign and embossing artist. Much of that work began to die out during the 70s as pubs were modernised but I did most everything on the embossing and lettering side of things while the craft was still in demand. Brilliant cutting, bevelling & polishing was undertaken by a different department and silvering was done on an automatic line so I didn’t do any of that.
    I hate to think of how many original Victorian pub windows, mirrors and glass facia’s from these modernisation projects had to be thrown in the cullet bin as they gradually fogged over from acid fumes after being stored outside our shop by the glaziers !
    I did a lot of work for Aspreys of Bond Street, much of which was for worldwide commissions. I carried on signpainting and pinstriping for many years afterwards until it was gradually superseded by Vinyl, but still keep my hand in occasionally.
    I’m thinking of maybe setting up a small embossing shop here in London & will need to get some practice in to relearn some of the technique & processes, but still know much of it. Just need to see where modern technology has taken things.
    Like you say here, I always felt it was the best job in the world.

    Regards, Ed Wimble.