Goodbye, Megumi Satsu

Megumi Satsu, the mysterious chanteuse and hat enthusiast we covered almost exactly one year ago, died in Paris yesterday. She was sixty-two years old. It was also just last year that Megumi Satsu released her final album, eerily titled, Après Ma Mort [After My Death].

Megumi’s representatives have yet to release any details, but we needn’t dwell on them anyway. Instead, let’s wish her a fair journey and remember Madame Satsu as the offbeat, elusive diva and enigmatic muse to Prévert, Baudrillard, and Topor she was until the end. She’ll be sipping cocktails and talking fashion with Klaus Nomi and Isabella Blow in no time.

Photo by Philippe Fontaine

6 Responses to “Goodbye, Megumi Satsu”

  1. Margo Says:

    I suppose that such an exceptionally rare spirit will wander through terrestrial memories of those remaining defenders of preternatural beauty…
    Deeply regrets…

  2. zeitzeuge Says:

    Sopor Aeternus anyone?

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Margo, certainly through mine.

    Zeitzeuge, the only similarity to Sopor Aeternus I see is the lack of eyebrows. Megumi Satsu’s music and styling is vastly different.

  4. zeitzeuge Says:

    I hear and see similiarities. And I mean Sopor was perhaps inspired by Megumi. Not the other way round ^^

    lazy to write more

  5. Naz Says:

    OH NOES. First June Seba..Then Satoshi Kon..Now this? All of Japan’s great creative minds are passing away. Whatever shall I do?

  6. Grigon Karka Says:

    I was strolling in Paris by night on my bike, singing a song by Megumi Satsu, when I thought about writing to you.

    When thinking about her, I had the reminescence of your coilhouse blog, which is where I discovered both of you ladies. In an article you wrote a sentence containing three magical names for me: Klaus Nomi, Clara Rockmore, Hans Reichel. Reading them was like a lightning strike, I felt in love with Coilhouse.

    Thank you Miss Ebb for your blog and your collaboration to Coilhouse Mag, please continue to sparkle softly.