Jordan Catalan… Oh.*

Jared Leto’s always been just a little too-cool-for-school for my taste. I wanted to swat his My So-Called Life character’s laconic ass for being such a jerk to sweet grunge ingenue, Angela Chase. The slick, overproduced 30 Seconds to Mars pap he’s pumping out more recently makes me do the green apple quick step. But Helena SelfOblivion, the Russian cosplaying sorceress behind the following clip, well, she’s another story. If this young lady turns out to be underage, I’m going to feel like even more of a filthy old lech than usual, but it has to be said; this is huuhhhhHAWT:

Am I right? Teh hawt. Also? ADORBZ! (Be sure to watch to the end.) Her DeviantArt account is brimming with creative genderfuckhattery as well.

*Link and awesome pun courtesy of Ariana O.

18 Responses to “Jordan Catalan… Oh.*”

  1. Anja Flower Says:

    As a Lefty Gender Destroyer (“genderqueer transwoman” is the official wording I use), I’m super-ultra-sensitive and very politically correct about gender language – and I’ve gotta say, I’m thinking of making “genderfuckhattery” my new transgressive reclaimed-language gender terminology. I am now a queermosexual genderfuckhatter.

    Thank you for that.

  2. Mer Says:

    @Anja RAWR!!! :D

  3. Mer Says:

    Also, no disrespect was intended by combining genderfuck and fuckhattery, I’m so sorry, I should have thought of that! It’s playful wordbending that I’ve come up with to describe a kind of genderfucked drag/fantasy/cosplay neutral zone that I love to explore, and love to see explored by others, that’s a bit on the goofy side. :) But yes, language is tricksy. Should I amend my post, do you think?

  4. Lizbt Says:

    I think I am in love.

  5. fortheloveofthestars Says:

    This sort of thing always makes me sad. You have to be good looking to start with. Cool, but makes me sad.

  6. Shaiyela Says:

    HOLY hell. That is awesome…and yeah, a little hot. LOL.

    It was the facial hair that did it for me – the second it was on, I was like YEAH. That’s Jared.

  7. Andy Says:

    Why do I get the feeling she could easily do Brandon Lee as the Crow as well?

  8. whittles Says:

    Totally swooning. I really wanna learn how to do that. I’m pretty impressively mediocre with the makeup tricks.

  9. Nadya Says:

    Wow. That was hot. That was the best thing I saw all day. Thank you, Mer!

    I had a similar feeling when I saw this girl portray Justin Bieber:

  10. Chris L Says:

    Amaaaziiiing! And Mer, you described that 30 Seconds To Mars … pap.. perfectly. Oh, jeez. I’ve developed a surprising tolerance for pop over the last couple years, but that was unbearable. Oof. Russian Girl wins by a longshot.

    And Nadya! That video was ALSO amazing. I presume you’ve seen ? … Actually, maybe I saw it on Coilhouse, first. I don’t remember, any more…

  11. Jeromey Says:

    That was amazingly hot! Gender bending at its best… love it!

  12. jennifer Says:

    great vids!!
    this reminds me of the magazine Candy

    “CANDY is the first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations. ”

    Strange coincidence, El Pais just did a feature on its creator/editor, Luis Venegas.

  13. rickie Says:

    that is amazing.

    and hot.

    i don’t like jared leto at all, but this girl is rawr~

  14. M. Dominic Says:

    that is the hottest black butler i’ve ever seen O_O

  15. Pigskin Pete Says:

    what is the ‘green apple quick step’?

  16. Mer Says:

    Pete, it’s a Southern term for frantically running to the toilet owing to sudden onset diarrhea.

  17. Io Says:

    Wow, someone who’s equally gorgeous bending male or female, a rare gift, indeed!

  18. LeRoi Prince Says:

    Good heavens. I’ll be in my bunk.

    (Your dA link is broken – try this one.)